Research Rookies

Research Rookies is a program that allows undergraduate students to learn what research looks like in their field of study by exploring potential research topics and working alongside talented faculty on a small-scale research project (fall and spring semesters). No matter what your college, year in school, department, or major, you can apply to be a Research Rookie! For more information on program requirements, visit
The priority deadline is June 1, however, applications may be accepted through August 15.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Briefly describe your research interests. Provide background on the topic you would like to explore for your research project, including any NIU Faculty you are interested in working alongside.
  2. How will participation in undergraduate research help you to achieve your academic and career goals at NIU?
  3. Discuss the skills that you have that will be useful in your research (i.e. computer competency, qualitative/quantitative research skills, knowledge about statistical programs, etc.).
  4. What is your alternative email address and personal phone number? (Please note that this email address will be the primary form of communication).
  5. How did you hear about this program?
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