University Honors Trip Coordinator

The Honors Trip Coordinator (HTC) provides academic and social programming in the house living-learning community that appeals to students, enriches their NIU experience and promotes a strong sense of fellowship. They also serve as leaders and sources of advice, information and support for University Honors students who live in the Honors House.

Up to $4,000 per year transfer to the student’s Bursar’s account
Access to all amenities of NIU’s New Residence Hall complex
Leadership development opportunities

Award-Specific Criteria

  • Must choose to live in the Honors House within NIU’s New Residence Hall complex
  • Cost of room is not included in the Honors House leader compensation package
  • Hiring subject to a successful interview
  • Applicants must submit a separate essay that identifies and describes what the applicant considers to be the three most important competencies of an Honors House leader, detail how they have demonstrated these competencies in their work and educational experiences and how they define the ideal Honors House experience. The Qualtrics application link will be posted in late fall when the application window is open.
  • A large portion of this position involves programming, advertising and creativity.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a potential Honors Trip Coordinator?
  3. Describe any experiences you have had in relating with people who may be different from you (differences could be cultural, racial/ethnic, age, etc.).
  4. Describe any positions of leadership or experience you have had in organizing programs/activities or motivating others while at NIU.
  5. Think of the clubs, activities, jobs and/or positions that you have held or to which you have belonged. Explain how the experiences you have gained in those activities would be of value to you as an Honors Trip Coordinator.
  6. What would be the most challenging part of the Honors Trip Coordinator position for you?
  7. Please give the names, titles, and relationship to you of the two people who will complete your reference forms (not personal friends).
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