Allen Staver

Allen Staver

After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1969, Allen Staver had a difficult choice to make. He had been offered two teaching positions: one in sunny California at San Jose State, the other at Northern Illinois University.

The retired NIU meteorology professor once shared that he knew he made the right choice. “It’s been a “good ride” he said and chuckled as he recalled that it was 15 degrees below zero the day he moved to DeKalb. “I wanted to live somewhere that had all four seasons,” he said. Allen had always been fascinated by weather. As a young boy, he never ran for cover when a storm blew through his parents’ farm in Nebraska. In fact, he would get as close as he could so he could watch— and he has been watching the weather ever since.

Allen taught meteorology for 26 years at NIU. During his tenure, keeping himself and the university at the forefront of the field were always among his top priorities. In fact, he led the effort to install the first satellite at Davis Hall. The addition gave NIU access to the most advanced weather prediction technology of the time and represented a major step forward for the department and the university.

Over the years, Allen and his passion for weather inspired many students at Northern with many of them moving on to become award-winning professionals across the nation.