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Elizabeth Hagelman, C.W.T. Hagelman, III, and others

This scholarship is in memory of Charles W. Hagelman Jr. who served as Chair of the Department of English from 1968-1974. He was instrumental in establishing the NIU summer program in English literature at Oxford University in England, which got its start in the summer of 1970 and has been in continuous operation ever since. When Charles Hagelman arrived in 1968, the Ph.D. program in English, has produced one graduate. By the end of his tenure as chair it produced 22. It has now produced more than 125. With his support the now international honor society for students of English established its headquarters at NIU in 1969, where it has remained the only honor society based in Illinois.
This scholarship was initiated by Dr. James Mellard who was chair of the Department of English as a way to honor his predecessor, Charles W. Hagelman Jr..