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Dr. Joseph P. Yaney and Barbara Yaney Palmer

Dr. Joseph P. Yaney and Barbara Yaney Palmer have established this scholarship in memory of their son, Paul D. Yaney. Dr. Yaney was an NIU faculty member in the College of Business – Management Department. Barbara Yaney Palmer was a high school librarian. As career educators, both appreciate the value of education. As parents, they understand that the pathway to educational success and a college degree is not always a straight line. They want to help talented and dedicated students to achieve their own success.

After serving four years in the U. S. Navy, Paul D. Yaney returned to NIU to continue his engineering studies. At first, he worked full time and took one class at a time. Later, he was able to attend NIU full time until he completed his degree in Industrial Engineering. He was hired by the firm at which he served an engineering internship, and he went on to have an interesting and rewarding career in several engineering organizations. Several years later, he completed his MBA, which added to his skill set. Paul passed away in February 2015 at age 47.  He worked consistently and with determination in his studies.