Dr. Romualdas and Nijole Kasuba

Dr. Romualdas Kasuba served as the first dean for the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. Dr. Kasuba served as dean for 17 years before retiring in 2003.
Arriving in June 1986, he inherited a program established on paper in the fall of 1985. It had some aspects of an engineering school but was far from a full-fledged college. Working tirelessly he assembled a faculty and staff and within four years the school attained full accreditation.
The accreditation was recognized by the State of Illinois as a major accomplishment for the college and was a catalyst to obtain funding for construction of a building to house the engineering program. That building, completed in 1995, remains a source of pride for Kasuba.
Through the generosity of Dr. Kasuba and his wife, Nijole, this endowed scholarship is being created for mechanical engineering undergraduate students at NIU.