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Lila Heiller Dole

Ralph Augustus Hellier, born in 1871 in Bangor, Maine, to a great extent was responsible for the early development of the high quality coal industry in Pike County, Kentucky, as well as for convincing the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad to extend the distance of over 100 miles into that mountainous area by 1906. Recognizing his loyalty, ceaseless efforts and successes, the town of Hellier, Kentucky on Marrobone Creek was incorporated and named in his honor. Mr. Hellier was the first mayor of Pikeville, Kentucky and was serving as such at the time of his death, May 20, 1906. He was a member and trustee of the First Presbyterian Church of Pikeville, Kentucky, a Mason, Knight Templar and a member of the order of Elks. Ralph Augustus and his wife, Lida Edna, had two sons, Charles Edward Hellier and James Earl Hellier. Lida Edna delighted in playing the piano and was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1921, she married J.J. Moore, an attorney and President of the Pikeville National Bank and Trust Company, 1923-1945, in Pikeville, Kentucky. J.J. Moore set a continuing objective and philosophy for Pikeville National Bank to be a “bank for all people.” Lila Heiller Dole established this fund as in loving memory of her parents, Charles Edward Hellier and Claudia Harrison Hellier, and in honor of her grandparents, Ralph Augustus Hellier and Lida Hatcher Hellier Moore and her step grandfather, John Jefferson Moore.