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Mrs. Ruth Ashelford Pollock

Ruth Ashelford Pollock represents the third generation native to Clare, Illinois. Growing up in Clare during the Great Depression, Ruth learned the value of a dollar and a good education. She pursued her dream of becoming a nurse and graduated from the Sisters of Miserecordia in Oak Park in 1939. Like many young people of her time, Ruth enlisted in the armed forces in 1944, where she served as an Army Nurse for 20 years. Major Pollock had an exciting career as a military nurse and traveled around the world on duty assignments. “My heritage has taught me that it’s not about what you have but what you do with what you have.” She exhibits the values her family held dear in her life, her commitment, and her generosity. Due to her strong support of education and her fondness and appreciation for music, specifically the NIU Athletic Bands, Ruth has established this scholarship.