Lawrence J. and Merrily S. Nilles Accountancy Internship Award

To provide scholarship support for students who have completed the Northern Illinois University Accountancy Internship

Program and are pursuing a master’s degree in the NIU Department of Accountancy

Lawrence and Merrily Nilles
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you successfully completed the Accountancy Academic Internship Program (ACCY 473 or ACCY 673)?
  2. Are you pursuing a master's degree in Accountancy at NIU in the fall semester?
  3. Do you plan to pursue a career in public accounting after graduation?
  4. Provide a summary that includes the percentage of your education that you have self-financed through employment, student loans, financial aid, scholarships, tuition waivers, etc. This information should include the percentage breakdown of each area of contribution. For example, you may have self-financed 30% of your education through the following means: 15% employment, 10% student loans, 5% financial aid.